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If you're looking for a band to entertain at your event, you've come to the right place.

Detour are a four piece, Hobart-based cover band, who love nothing more than performing high quality music to energetic Tassie audiences.

Weddings, functions, corporate gigs & parties are our speciality.

Boasting a huge repertoire of tunes ranging from 60's to today, Detour have the songs and the experience to satisfy audiences who are looking for the complete package; a professional band that know how to put on a show.

About US

Live music

is what we're all about. We love singing to packed dance floors. Our product is suited to weddings, corporate functions, and any other event where great live music is required. Four musicians, each versatile and hard working, perform together to bring the gig to life time after time. Hundreds of performances worth of experience have helped us develop the skills & knowledge to ensure the event is smooth and professional, so you can sit back, relax, and let us do the entertaining.


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Band members

Pip Monk
Pip Monk
Lead Vocals
Lawyer by day, rock-queen by night. Pip is known for her face-melting vocal renditions of songs like Proud Mary, Simply the Best and pretty much anything by Whitney Houston. Pip’s main drawback is her inability to click properly.
Tom Howard
Tom Howard
Guitar & Vocals
Tom began playing guitar at age 14, after a fleeting career as the bongoist for his grade 7 band. He hopes that with enough practice, he will one day be the best guitarist in Detour.
Michael Parker
Michael Parker
Drums & Vocals
50% Filipino, 50% Australian, 100% pretty cool. Parker has enjoyed hitting the skins since he realised as a teenager that he wasn’t good enough to play the piano or any instrument with notes.
Gareth Giles
Gareth Giles
Gareth is credited with inventing slap bass back in 2005 – but has since remained the only glasses-wearing man who can do this. He can play other styles of bass also, but chooses not to. He spends his time outside the band studying at the Conservatorium of Music & shopping for chinos.


Acoustic Duo

Detour also offers the option to perform a duo set earlier in the evening, before the full 4-piece band kicks off. This creates an ideal musical backdrop while guests are arriving or dinner is being served.
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